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I want to make this dreamwidth more "alive", so decided to make few improvements here. First of all - I've changed site theme. I like it so much right now! Second - I was active at The Sims Daily forum and used to post there my stories, but now I'm not and... if I'm correct, they had problems with site or mayor cleaning and all stories are lost. I don't want to loose them completely, and besides uploading one of them at my simblr, I want to post them here as well. I have two stories now - Lunar Lakes Legacy, when I totally went from reality to more alien, cosmic looking sims and story and my simself legacy - Rubika's Bedtime Stories. I hadn't post anything from my Bedtime Stories at my simlbr, so all captions are lost... But I still have pics and will try to write something from my memory.

So, first to come is my Lunar Lakes Legacy. Just the intro, the main part will be posted later :) Hope you will enjoy it! ^^

Nick Crisp, as well as a lot of other sims, decided to close some chapter of his life, leave his past, family, friends and job and take the opportunity to move in new colony in whole new world discovered by scientists. That’s how he was there. In huge rocket in direction of that new, mysterious world. Of course, he was scared, but, on the other hand, really excited. What was waiting there for him? Love? Money? Happiness?

When the rocket landed on that dried ground, all new residents were greeted by old ones, creatures that lived here before. Aliens. Nick was amused when he saw the first one. With green skin and pointed ears, just like the ones he saw in fairy tales about elves that his mother used to read him. And their eyes… Without white of the eye, without any color. It looks like the apple of the eye took all the space. Black. Only black. Nothing more. A lot of pairs of this weird eyes looked at him with sympathy but also curiosity. What they wanted from him? What they saw? 

He looked around just to noticed one creature standing behind the others. With her eyes lowered, arms crossed on her chest, she looks so miserably. Nick couldn’t believe that she can be sad. How when she was so beautiful? Her skin, instead of skin of the alien Nick saw as first, was in amazing purple shade, her hair, pulled back tightly, reminds him of pink bubble gum he used to buy in local store, when he was a kid. She also has really full lips and small, a little bit hooked nose. She was slim, almost skinny, but something was emanating from her. Some glow… 

She raises her eyes and meet Nick’s glance. In that moment he knew that he made a good decision. Finally, on that strange planet, he found home. 

Nick Crisp 

* good sense of humor
* daredevil
* good
* athletic
* friendly

Lifetime wish: Firefighter Super Hero 

(sim was made by kimjimbob, you can download him here) 

Morgan Crisp

* loves the outdoor
* excitable
* eco-friendly
* green thumb
* friendly

Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden   
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