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I have some free time now, so decided to finally open my game. Wasn't in mood to play, so I started to revamping my Sunset Valley again. I've builded house to fill a gap next to Keaton's house in stadium direction. It was meant to be a house for stylist/architect/musican, but you can always delete objects you don't want and adapt this house to whatever sim you want. 
As I used TONS of cc, I decided to upload house in two versions - furnished and unfurnished. Furnished version is almost 50mb big and contain more than 70 cc items, so you have to decide if you want a file so big. If not, you can always download unfurnished version and decorate it on your own. What else you need to know... There are empty room on the second floor, in both, un- and furnished version. It can be a nursery, second bedroom, office or whatever your sims will need. Enjoy! ;)

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 Hello my dear simmers!

Well, it's been a while, like always... On my defense I have to say that I haven't got much free time lately. And my game is freaking out again... Too much cc, if you ask me. But I just can't live without it... Simply try to play and cry every time game crashes to desktop without any warning... But I won't give up, game won't beat me! 

To proof that, I prepared house for download for all of you. I started to revamp Sunset Valley again, this time from Keaton's house - Low Fat Ranch, and this is the one I have for you today. Whole of my new Sunset Valley is in mid-century style, as I simply love that period of time. I've tried to keep that style in that house as well. Hope you like it!

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I present you the last house on Sun Song Avenue in Sunset Valley. Originally it's owned by Frio brothers.

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Next house in Sunset Valley on Sun Song Avenue. Originally owned by Ursine family.

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Another house from Sunset Valley on Sun Song Avenue. Originally it's uninhabited and stays empty.

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I present you my makeover of Wan-Goddard family house in Sunset Valley. 

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