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Nick and Morgan felt in love with eachother. But it wasn’t so simple for them to just live together. He was a human, she was an alien. Maybe people were excited about discovering new form of life, but living with one? Being with one? That was a totally different story. Although, Nick wanted to try. He didn’t care about what people say, he just wanted to be happy. And he knew that his happiness depends on that beautiful alien girl. So, after many secretly meetings, he convinced her to move in and live with him. 

Everything started to be in the right place. The local fire-station needed one more man to help and Nick without hesitation decided to join the brigade. 

He was very happy that he can help residents of Lunar Lakes. He thought that maybe when he extinguish few fires, they will look different at his relationship with Morgan.  

He did his best to get some extra points. He spent every free minute trying to maintaine equipment in the station.  

And when they got first call for the fire, he was the first who ran to the fire and started to extinguish it.  

But his hopes were very naive. Right after they came back to the station, higher level of firefighter called him. 

“Listen, Nick.”, he said. “I don’t care if you carry whole family on your back from the burning house, I don’t care how many people you will save… We won’t accept your relationship with that… creature…”

Although, Nick wanted to punch that idiot who looked at him with such a disgust, he can’t. He still believed that they will understand. One day they will understand that he didn’t do anything wrong. So he salute looking the other fireman straight in the eyes, turned and walked away. He knew that he can’t lost control. He must be strong. Becouse he had something worth fighting for…

When Nick was in the station, Morgan walked around the city. It changed so much since the humans came in their shiny rocket… But she knew that not every change was bad. Humans brought with them new plants and animals never seen by Morgan. She picked up few fruits she found in park near their house and decided to plant them. Make something beautiful from scratch.  

Nick knew that Morgan felt bad and started to regret her decision to live with him. He wanted to cherry her up, so after work, he bought her something special. A dog. 

Morgan had to defeat her fear, but when that little doggie looked at her and started to wag his tail, she couldn’t resist. She stooped and pet him.  

Ice has been broken and after a minute, they were playing like some old friends.  

Nick, who opened the front door just as they started to play, saw how happy Morgan was in that minute. The hope came back. 

“So, I’m guessing, we’re keeping him?”, he asked. Morgan looked at him and nodded. “We need a name for him”, Nick said. She thought for a second. “What about Muffin?”, she asked. Nick smiled. “I love it.”, he said looking her in the eyes.




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